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Where is Arles?

Arles is situated in the region Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur i south-east France. In the map to the right Arles is marked as a black square, in the map below with an arrow.

Arles center

Nearest airports are Nimes and Marseille, with a large number of flights to/from different locations in Europe. Ryan Air is flying from London to both locations. There are very good train communications from these cities to Arles. Other airports are Bezier and Nice with a longer train journey.

The studio is in the Old Town. The address is 1bis, rue Balzac (marked by a black square in the map below).

"Everything" is within a few minutes of walk. In fact, walking from the left edge of the map to the right is only some 20 minutes! Arles has many tourists, so there is a lot of cafés, restaurants and shops.